Posted on Sep 4, 2012


Docking at New Ulster Marina is offered on a seasonal basis. What does this mean to the boat owner? When the weather starts to warm in the spring, and you feel confident that spring has arrived, you can put your boat in the water. This might be as early as March or April, or not until May or June. The “season” starts when you decide you’d like to have your boat available to use at a moments notice. The season lasts until you decide that you are finished using your boat for the year. Most boat owners take their boats out of the water for winterization between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, but the exact date is your choice.

Seasonal docking rates are adjusted annually, but for summer of 2012 the rate was $45 per foot.

If your boat is trailered, a boat ramp is available for launching at no cost. If you need help loading your boat into the water, due to it’s size or because you do not have a trailer, an outside contractor can be hired to put the boat in the water for you.

Once your boat is in the water, you are free to come and go as you please.  There is plenty of parking for vehicles while you are out enjoying the cool breezes on Rondout Creek. The Hudson River is close-by if you want to travel up to Albany or into New York City.



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